Andy Campbell: Dreaming Methods - IOCT Salon Event, De Montfort University 31st January 2008

dreaming methods

Andy Campbell has been involved in new media for quite a long time. Beside some early programming with an Amiga, working as web designer and co-designer in various environments, he has moved to creating visual design (The Virtual Disappearance of Miriam written by Martyn Bedford in 2000). More recently, he has been creating, together with his wife, some very personal art pieces, published on their web page As Andy Campbell mentioned during his presentation at De Montfort University, Leicester on 31st January, he has always been interested in experimental writing, which is to a great extend felt in his works. His experimentality is perceived in playing with poetics as well as typography and moving of words, flashy, hypnotizing images and sounds producing thrilling emotions. All of which implement dark, mysterious, and at times, almost cinematic atmosphere.

dreaming methods2

His works are often based on memories, dreams, even day dreams and their recollections (of the newest pieces: Dim O´Gauble, Last Dream, Capped), exploring spaces (The Flat, The Incomplete, etc.), or even hypnagogic faces (The Clearance, being worked on at the moment). Most of his works are interwoven with surreal elements, which is more than suitable for non-linear narratives. They usually start with one scene and then grow into pieces of writings, sounds, various images, all complementing each other. None of the media is primary, since the narrative is evolving in the process of their creation into a complex.

dreaming methods3

As Campbell pointed out, these works are in between a lots of things, between game and animation, between film and photography, between the reader’s experience and “a pain in the ass”. The importance of reading the whole narrative is diminished in favour of enabling readers to receive their own experience along with their own interpretation. Does the fiction in order to be fully apprehended need to be read from beginning until end? What does the end, in relation with these fictions, mean? What about providing us, readers, with the scraps, pieces, electronic twists and let us create the jigsaw of meaning?

These questions and their transformation into body of work is definitely not new. However, it is interesting to explore the newness of Campbell’s responses.

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